The Divas are Reading This Week:

It’s Presidents’ Day and we’re sitting back with our coffee/tea/adult beverages and celebrating the only way we know how…with a book.

From our TBR piles this week:


The Selection by Kiera Cass

I’ve heard many good things about this series so I’m going to take my day off and dive right in while the hubby is at work. Gotta love government holidays!



RAZE (Book 1 of the Scarred Souls series), Tillie Cole

I’m absolutely terrified to get started on this book but I heard that it was GREAT so I’m going to take that recommendation and go for it!


Yes, I’m re-reading Dark Lover. I love me some Wrath and I’m responsible for ALL the BDB reviews so why not start from the beginning! This could be my favorite series of ALL time!